Choose Cafe Lighting To Make A Statement

First impression matters and excellent Cafe Lighting attracts casual passerby while making a style statement for your café’s identity. A selection of illuminating and inviting lighting patterns and designs grab the attention of customers and make them drawn to your café. With wonderful interior design, styled cabinets, luxurious velvet lounges, modern vases and vintage look storage trunks, Cafe Lighting add a touch of elegance and glamour to any space demonstrating unique style and personality. There are various of lighting options that you can select as a café owner. Here are a few of them: 1.     Pendant Lighting This is the most popular style of Cafe Lighting where a row of pendant lights along the windows of the café is a brilliant feature to allure the customers and highlight the café. Besides, pendants also work excellent above the service or the counter area as they emphasize the food display. Some most used pendant styles include:
  • Recycled cardboard pendants: These funky and stylish designs characterize the wall designed café and bistros drawing the attention of the potential customers.
  • Industrial-style pendants: These pendants lighting are made from materials like brass, copper, aluminium and Holophane glass. Such array of lights recreates a Persian feel in the café or generates an American dining atmosphere.
  • Modern Pendants: For a sleek and sophisticated café designs, you can select modern style pendants havening finishes of reflective metallic surfaces or powder coating.
This type of Cafe Lighting is increasingly gaining significance as they add interest to your business place. You can team up four to five pendant lights for a dramatic effect or simply put up a single pendant fixture for a sober look. 2. Wall Lighting Wall lights are strategically placed over the seating areas to provide customers sufficient light to read the menus properly without disturbing the area’s ambience. An extensive range of wall lightings like colonial, arts & crafts, art deco, mission style and Victorian style is available for you to choose from. There are different kinds of wall lightings including wall sconces, wall lanterns, wall bracket styles lights and torchiers that add an intimate look and coziness to your café. 3. Picture Lighting You can highlight the unique pictures, poster and photos around your walls with a swivel poster light or a long picture light. Selecting appropriate picture lighting is important as they enhance a special piece of artwork. Track lighting is one the best picture-style lighting. It is an ideal choice when there are numerous items installed next to one another in a common area. Wall-mounted lights for traditional paintings can also be used. Lighting lamps beside pictures can also be a distinct selection. Cafés also have outdoor sections like sidewalks, pavements and terraces with parasols, tables and seats. An excellent outdoor lighting will be very useful and effective during nights. They also form a good fixture to highlight the signs that are outside your café. Lighting forms a major role in appealing your customers. Thus, supreme accommodation, best flavor and illumination are essential to consider if you intend to renovate your café.
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Say Goodbye to Jewellery Allergies

Have you ever tried wearing jewelry that turned your skin green and itchy? Some people may not complain of itching even after noticing some skin discoloration. If you are within Sydney area, for instance, you might have tried jewellery from random stores and developed allergies. This is an indication that you have sensitive skin. Good thing there are a lot of high-quality, tarnish-free jewelry from renowned establishments like jewellery stores Sydney - Moi Moi Fine Jewellery has to offer.

Wearing jewelry has always been part of people’s overall fashion. It accessorizes your overall getup and serves as a fashion statement, making you look unique from everyone else. But if you have developed skin allergies to various jewellery you have tried, you might be wondering if you should give up wearing them altogether.

No need to fuss, though, if you have sensitive skin. There are still a lot of ways you can still wear jewellery. Professional artisans from reliable jewellery stores Sydney – Moi Moi Fine Jewellery has today can guide you on the type of metal that is best suited for your sensitive skin.

Here are some ways you can also protect your skin from rashes and discoloration:

Avoid Cheap Metals – Cheap metals are more likely to discolour your skin and create an allergic reaction. You better stick with stainless steel jewellery, platinum or rhodium plated jewellery as these metals do not cause any allergic reactions.

1. Avoid using lotion, Soap or Chemicals – There are chemicals and substances present in lotions and soaps that may interact with the jewellery, thus turning it into a different colour. It is best to remove rings before washing your hands or applying any hand cream to prevent any reaction. Do not use your jewellery while bathing and swimming, especially when going to the beach. Salt water in the beach may affect the metal on your jewellery.

2. Apply Polymer or Clear Nail Polish – Polymer may act as a protective barrier between your skin and the metal. Be sure to coat the inside of your jewellery with ample amount of polymer for protection. You can also use nail polish as it gives you the same effect, however, you may need to reapply coating every once in a while as it has a tendency to wear off.

3. Choose Only Quality Metals – Although some jewellery may be cheaper than others, the metal they use may not be compatible with your sensitive skin. When you develop allergies, you might have to spend more on treatment. There are jewellers that offer affordable high-quality metals that are worth your hard-earned cash if you only know where to look. You may visit various jewellery stores Sydney – Moi Moi Fine Jewellery has to offer and ask about the type of metal that is perfect for your sensitive skin.

One advantage of choosing renowned jewellers is the quality of their metals. Professional jewellers not only think about what goods look good on you, they will also consider the metal’s compatibility to your skin. To browse a complete selection of fine jewellery, you may visit for more details.